Measure your health, from the ground up.

Plantiga measures how you move so that you can maximize your health, recovery, and performance – in sport and life.

Trusted by athletes, coaches and trainers in:


Generate insights,
tailored to your goals.


Identify trainable deficits to reduce injury risk and build a more resilient body.


Track your injury recovery process and get back to sport and activity faster.


Assess your performance and refine your training program to maximize progress.

The engine behind
your insights

Plantiga combines a clinical-grade wearable, human expertise and artificial intelligence to build actionable recommendations, personalized for you.

Sensor Insoles

Comfortable insoles measure your biomechanics with precision.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-driven software predicts lower body health, injury progression and performance output.

Movement Coaches

Our team of movement coaches provide one-on-one guidance to help you understand your data and take action.

Introducing Plantiga’s
Beta Program

01. Consultation

Fill out a short questionnaire and a Plantiga team member will reach out to get you started.

02. Plantiga Sensor Insole

Get your sensor pods and insoles and start tracking every time you put on your shoes.

03. Plantiga App

Full access to the Plantiga app with dashboards and visualizations that track your progress over time.

04. Movement Analysis

Connect with our AI-assisted movement coaches who will review your data and provide personalized insights to help you achieve your goals.

05. Reporting

Generate reports right from the app or team with our biomechanists to build a custom analysis (once every 2 weeks).

Who you are is expressed in how you move

Your training, your injuries, your goals all combine to make your movement unique. Map your movement signature to gain insights that enable you to live and perform at your best.

The Plantiga platform breaks down movement into 4 categories which form your unique signature:

01. Push

How you take off from the ground in walking, running, and jumping.

02. Absorb

How you hit the ground in walking, running and jumping.

03. Control

How your lower-limbs move in terms of variability and the ‘quality’ of that movement.

04. Perform

How fast, how long, how far, how high, in walking, running, and jumping.

Join the hundreds of athletes, trainers, and teams using Plantiga to move at their best – in sport and life.

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